Why are you building single track bridges?

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 06:44 -- sgradmin
  1. Initially, the plan was to have a double track on major civil engineering structures like bridges as this would save the country future costs in expansion/ augmentation of the railway system, but deeper analysis found that:
  • The economic viability is highly dependent on the investment costs and revenue forecasts, so any redundancy increases initial cost of investment, limiting the viability (IRR and NPV) which are key parameters when looking for financing. Therefore, a decision was taken to develop single track which is required on commencement of train operation in order to achieve positive IRR acceptable to the Bank
  • The technology may have changed by that time and that would necessitate different types of bridges since the loads and speeds are a function of design. For example, in future we may desire to build trains above 120Kph therefore would require a different bridge.


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